Making Nina instagram-ready with the photo editing stuff on my phone. Despite the noticeable quality drop, it’s pretty fun for pictures that weren’t that great anyway.


the amazing atheist talking to some fans


the amazing atheist talking to some fans

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1300 Follower’s Gift, Part 1 :)

David Walker Tights (YA/A), Paintings & Wall Sets (.package files)

Thank you all for supporting me…and for waiting so long for a gift. I am not sure how I got to the number I did, but I am super happy and extremely grateful.  :D

As you all know, I am not much of a creator, so be nice if I’ve made a mistake. Just send me a message to let me know. <3

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Photos are unaltered. So, what you see is what you get. :)

Credits: EA, prettyladybabies (ITF Leggings Mesh)

Models: Dasha| Bese | Hikaru | Thalia | Nuha | Hiro


#stop portraying very questionable people as the heroic voices of women in gaming 2k14

I really want to start running (is it sacrilege to call it jogging these days?) but I have no idea where to start or what to do when I get all out of breath and embarrassed! I know it’s silly to be self conscious about it, but the only people I see when I’m out walking are hardcore pros with all the latest gear and they look so composed whilst I would certainly be flailing and gasping.

I can’t think of anywhere secluded I could go whilst I get used to it and train myself up, so that just leaves going early in the morning when no one’s around. My boyfriend man person says to just bite the bullet and not care as I’m probably fitter than I give myself credit for, but it seems so daunting!

What do you think of tumblr's attitude towards anxiety disorders and depression?





Since tumblr is big on mollycoddling and protecting people from the realms outside of the internet it’s not surprising that this is a shitty place for any kind of recovery. Here it’s all about clinging onto your problems and using them as an excuse to be a shitty person, and to feel like you belong with these deep and tortured souls you have go all “Keeping up with the Joneses” and fabricate how severe your problems are, if they actually exist. Presumably because the main age groups on tumblr are big on self pitying and making everything into a pissing contest anyway, you can’t expect them to not make everything about terrible the world is for them. It’s all about having labels to cover up how mundane and normal you are, PTSD and gender identities being the current trends.

Also the fact that people seem to forget that anxiety is a perfectly normal feeling, as is being shy and introverted, so if you get anxious about giving a big presentation in front of a crowd then congrats you have a serious anxiety disorder now and can’t possibly do anything that’s remotely anxiety inducing because you’re a poor, fragile snowflake.

I know that’s a bit harsh and you could easily turn round and say I am doing all the above as well and I’m putting other people’s problems down to validate my own, but after being so ashamed of my agoraphobia and the things it’s caused in my life it’s incredibly aggravating to see people use these truly devastating issues as flavour text. Not that I’m saying everyone should be ashamed of it either as people cope in different ways, but it’s like a gut instinct where you just know when something’s off and you can feel your eyes rolling back into your head. Usually because they have a huge list of abbreviated mental illnesses with “atypical” sprinkled in there and irrelevant phobias in their blog description, and say that calling someone a shut-in and telling people to go outside is, like, super triggering, and like, so ableist, omg…

Nah, this response is gross. and ableist.
Belittling triggers is ableist and nasty. and it’s also nasty to say that gender identities and a mental illness are “trends”. Yes there are a small amount of people who fake things and lie, but the majority of people who, to you, are doing it because it’s “trendy” are doing it because they are more educated about gender and their mental health. Gender identity is a real thing and it’s amazing that younger people are becoming more aware of themselves. and invalidating people’s mental illnesses, whether self-diagnosed or not, and no matter what age, is ableist and messed up.
like just because being called a shut-in doesn’t trigger you, doesn’t mean it doesn’t trigger other people, and that it’s not ableist. and because you don’t have some phobias doesn’t mean that other people’s are irrelevant.

yeah i’m just going to come out here and say as someone with severe PTSD and depression, stuff like this is awful, in fact i like that the tumblr community is so understanding towards trigger warnings. i’m triggered by images of medical equipment and windows that are high up from severe past abuse, and i appreciate when people tag those things so i don’t start having a full on flashback and suffer for days.

mental illness sucks. many, many people suffer from depression, especially teens, and if i can tag something to save someone from getting scared for a little while or to save someone from having a full on flashback and attempting suicide just over an image (like me) then i will.

also i have agoraphobia too and it started out as something small but now i literally never leave the house because i’m afraid of being touched by people, and sometimes mental illness starts as something small, and it’s good to tackle it in those small stages.

it’s nice to have a ‘safe space’ and i hate when people say things like ‘well how do you go outside!!!’ like i literally do not go outside that’s how so i have tumblr and my friends on here and it’s nice to avoid being triggered if i can?

I will admit that “trend” was a poor choice of word and I meant that they are the most exploited as of late, not that they were inherently bs, and by irrelevant phobias I was meaning how people have bizarre things that no one is familiar with listed as some defining characteristic when it plays little to no role in the daily lives. 

There’s no way of telling if someone’s telling the truth about their mental health, but if I see what I mentioned at the end of my answer and someone is listing devastating mental illnesses in the same way they’d write their name and star sign then I’m done. If that’s ableist then I really don’t care. At no point did I trash trigger warnings though (other than imply being upset =/= being triggered which is what I was getting at with the “shut-in/go outside” dealio) so I don’t know why that was even brought up.

It’s also important to note that I said “this is a shitty place for any kind of recovery” meaning I don’t want my life to be ruled by this shit anymore. If you want your hand to be held then sure that’s great, but this person asked for my opinion so I gave it, albeit filled with unnecessary snark.