I won’t publish them just in case some people would rather not have a stranger post about their personal life, but I’m amazed at how many other simblrs suffer from the same/similar issues as I do and I thank all of you for your support!

Obviously I would never be grateful that there are others out there going through the same thing as me as it’s a horrible thing to find yourself afflicted with, but Idk, it’s nice to not feel so alone in your battles if that makes sense. I wish all of you the absolute best in your recovery and I’m so glad that my “reports” are found to be inspirational instead of smugly implying that it’s super easy to get yourself on the right track, as that’s a pretty big fear of mine and has kept me from sharing this stuff on here.

So yeah, you guys are rad! :-D

Wcif Jocelyn's shirt?

It’s a dress by io!

I don't understand why do you have that little notes on your posts! you are so good...!

Because I am literal trash.





simsanctuary replied to your post: I looked high and low for that post y’…

just because you weren’t personally offended by it doesn’t mean nobody else was :-) bye

Oooooh get back in the knife drawer, Miss Sharp…

YIKES ……. 

eww the tags are even worse like : nonsimsthank you for saving me from my evil oppressors simblrgo pat yourselves on the backdo you do this when people call each other fags in youtube comments?man i hope so.

aint no one crying oppression she was being a little diaper rash so we tried to shut her down and if you dont want ppl being called out for being homophobes thats on you but you dont have to put in your 2 cents when people that get offended do mk

I literally just commented that I was disappointed on how remarkably dull the post that made everyone’s blood boil was. Idk why you decided that my snark equalled support, but I hope you’re having fun being self righteous and serious about it lol.

Jocelyn Dahl

Jocelyn Dahl